Gino & Gianna Macconi Foundation

The Fund consists of over 2,000 works, including paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture. The Macconi Foundation decided to entrust these works to the Museo d’arte di Mendrisio in August 2005, so that they could be appropriately conserved and appreciated.
This important collection of works was assembled by Gino Macconi over three decades in his capacity as owner of an art gallery. The Galleria Mosaico in Chiasso, which he founded, opened in 1966. Gino Macconi had previously been the artistic director of another important exhibition space, the Galleria Nord-Sud in Lugano. Once established, it prospered thanks to the significant development of art and the art market, reflecting the industrial, economic and social context of the Sixties.

The Fund’s collection, assembled over several decades by Gino Macconi -  a dynamic and sensitive “cultural operator” - is heterogeneous but with some specific themes. Some of the major works are by artists of international repute, such as Corot, Hodler, Marquet, Werefkin, Helbig, Sironi, Carrà, Martini, Richter, Morlotti, Tavernari and Chighine, while there are also some great 19th century masterpieces from the area by Franzoni, Foglia, Gonzato, Corty, Filippini, Genucchi, Dobrzanski and Boldini.





Vittorio Tavernari, "Torso femminile", 1951, Foundation Macconi