Set amidst enchanting countryside, the "Convento dei Serviti" houses the Museum and is included in the list of protected national monuments for its historical and architectural interest. Established in the 13th century at the northern entrance of the historical town of Mendrisio, the whole complex served as an almshouse and hospital. From the 15th century it became part of the Servite (Servants of the Virgin) religious order. Over the centuries the monastery was extended and renovated, developing into a beautiful group of buildings dating from the 13th to the 19th century. These buildings include the Church of San Giovanni, an 18th-century treasure with its well-proportioned and magnificent decoration and the Madonna of Grace Oratory with its precious lunette attributed to Giovanni da Milano (mid-14th century), both structures were built close to the atmospheric 16th - 17th century arched cloister decorated with a Renaissance stone altarpiece.