During the temporary exhibitions, the Museo d'arte Mendrisio organises didactic courses for all levels of school, from nursery school to primary school and up to middle school, giving children and young people the opportunity to visit the exhibitions in a guided way and to approach the world of art with playful and reflective tools, through different levels of approach: observation and analysis of works of art, stories, games and comparisons. All the classes therefore participate actively, thanks also to the possibility of being able to work concretely on certain projects in the creative workshop made available to them at the end of the guided tour.

The educational tour is free of charge. However, classes must book in advance and the presence and cooperation of the teacher in charge is required. If necessary, the Museum is also open on Mondays.

Person to contact in case of interest in educational pathways:

Valérie Ferro, 058 688 33 54, valerie.ferro@mendrisio.ch