The Museo d'arte Mendrisio can today boast a collection of works ranging from the 16th to the 20th century and documenting above all the local artistic history. Thanks to important acquisitions, since 1980 the Mendrisio Art Museum has built up a regional heritage of exceptional significance. Among these are the donations of Aldo and Aldina Grigioni, Dante Rocchetti, Gino and Gianna Macconi, whose collections have made it possible to outline in detail the local artistic history of the last century and also to highlight authors of international renown. In recent times, these have been joined by the Luigi Meroni donation, with valuable works by important Lombard and Ticinese artists of the twentieth century, and the Nene and Luciano Bolzani donation, focused above all on post-war Italian art.
Also of great importance is the Fund of a protagonist of 20th century Ticino and Lombardy art, Pietro Chiesa, comprising over 500 works including paintings and graphics and the artist's precious archive.
The Museo d'arte Mendrisio also houses over 650 Transparenti (Transparencies) made from the end of the 18th century to the present day for Holy Week processions. They are a heritage of extraordinary value and constitute a unique historical and religious testimony of the region. An important part of these works is currently on display in Casa Croci, where the Transparent Museum has been set up.
At least once a year, generally during the summer, a selection of works from the collection is displayed to the public in thematic exhibitions aimed at exploring the main historical and artistic strands.