The Seventeenth Century

Particularly interesting are the works by the mysterious Master of the Nativity from Mendrisio: among these are the banner with the Madonna del Rosario, for the celebration of the cult of the Virgin (circa 1633) and the two altarpieces with S. Apollonia and S. Lucia (1635-1640), characterised by a soft modelling and a skilful chromatic richness. Of particular value in the collection, due to the close relationship between the Museum and the territory, is also the fund that includes the works of the painters Francesco and Francesco Innocenzo Torriani from Mendrisio, father and son, present with a series of remarkable paintings, including David with the head of Goliath (circa 1670). The intimate and at the same time public tone is one of the distinctive features of the ex-votos, which are present in large numbers in the Museum's collections.
These are small images that reveal the gratitude of the people towards the Virgin and the Saints for the graces received.