The 19th century

This century is certainly well represented in the collections of the Museo d'arte Mendrisio.
The corpus of Antonio Rinaldi (1816-1875) and Bernardino Pasta (1828-1875) is part of a rather regional production with a strong local mark, while the presence of Camille Corot (1796-1875) and Carlo Bossoli (1815-1884) broadens the horizons and territorial boundaries with views of a wide pre-impressionist scope.
Among the works of the second half of the 19th century, a period characterised by an accentuated sensitivity for the figure, nature, between reality and symbol, between ideals and humanitarian socialism, the works of Filippo Franzoni (1857-1911), Luigi Rossi (1864-1890) and Adolfo Feragutti Visconti (1850-1924) from Ticino should be mentioned.