The 18th century

Among the protagonists of the international rococo Carlo Innocenzo Carloni (1686/87- 1775) is present in the collection with an oil sketch depicting The Apotheosis of Hercules, a canvas typical of the author's allegorical production. There are a number of contemporary canvases attributable to Giuseppe Antonio Petrini (1677-1755/59) or to the workshop of the master, but an important role in the eighteenth-century section of the collections of the Museo d'arte Mendrisio is certainly played by Giovanni Battista Bagutti (1743-1823), the author of many transparencies (now kept in the Museo del Trasparente in Casa Croci) and of some valuable paintings, including the Transport of the Holy Ark, a work in which the narrative is already oriented towards the neoclassical style. In addition to the portraits by Domenico Pozzi (1745-1796), the landscapes by Giovanni B.. I. Colomba, idyllic and melancholic, perfectly in keeping with the fin de siècle atmosphere that characterises his late production.